Technion Foundation - Juludan Prize
Technion - Juludan Prize

Research discipline(s): biotechnology, biology, brain and brain behavior, medical sciences, neurobiology, pharmacology, biotechnology
Type of Funding: Awards
The JULUDAN Prize was established in order to support outstanding scientific research achievements, which show promise of having valuable scientific technological applications and are channeled to enhance man’s welfare and prolong the human life span.” The Juludan Prize is awarded annually for outstanding research projects in the exact sciences and advanced technologies; whose application is directly geared to medicine.
Eligibility: PhD
Total Amount: USD  5,000
Submission Deadline(s): 15/01/2015
Full Address:
לשכת המשנה לנשיא למחקר
חיפה, 32000

Tel: 04-8-292-527
Fax: 04-8-293-377
Guidelines: click to download  Technion-Juludan Research Prize-2015.pdf
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